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Frequently Asked Questions F.A.Q

Asking question is great to clear up your confusion but asking sensible question is an art yet to be mastered by some. I expect you to ask great question but please keep in mind that in virtual world I have limitation to help, still I'll try my best.

This question get the Rank #1 in my inbox. Let's just be very clear on this topic. Learning Hacking/Pentesting just to hack facebook is a waste of time. Use this curiosity to move deep into cyber security. To answer your question, there are methods like sniffing, phishing etc. to hack facebook and yes it is possible. Further, Can I do it for you? A BIG NO (no argument further on this).
Learning hacking or pentesting is no big deal. It's just like learning a sport. It takes time, practice and good mentor. Over the years, I have designed many courses that can help you to learn pentesting. So, just contact me on facebook with clear mention of subject and we can talk further on it.
This one is very tricky. Yes and NO. I hope you understand that I also have to pay my bills. I am not funded by NGO's or government. So, I charge a small price on my courses to keep the work going. Most of that amount goes into buying lastet equipments to upgrade quality of videos. But Yes, sometimes I do give access to my bootcamps and courses for free. Just follow me on facebook for that.
Joining and interacting with students at campus is one of my favourite thing. For sure, I would like to come at your campus. But due to many invites and loss of my time, I have started to charge a small fees for events talk. But again, it depends, if you can take care of my travel and place is nice, then it can be a free visit too. Let's just talk over it at mail or facebook.
Sure thing. If you feel that my skills can be useful to your company (which I a sure will be.), then feel free to contact me with you official email. Before we talk about my fees, I would like to know about work of your company and future plans. I can easily refuse 5 digit salary for boring jobs and can accept low fees offer if they are interesting. I am usually busy in projects, so do let me know your plans in advance.
Contacting me not at all tricky, just fireUp your email inbox and write me at hitesh[at]hiteshchoudhary[dot]com , I am also available at facebook page. I don't like to be contacted directly over phone calls (yes, I do have a personal life). Just wait over your mail/fb and my reply usually comes within 24 hour.

Fun Technical Stuff

Sometimes just to kill time I make games or do some GITHUB projects.


A GUI to pentest wifi Network, based on Aircrack-ng tools
The name says it all, It's a simple GUI for aircrack set of tools. If you would like to contribute to this project, let me know about your codes to add in.

Angry Analyzer

Angry Analyzer is a wifi packet analysis tool that can create graphs from captured packet fields. One can export wifi captured packets to csv file using Aircrack-ng set of tools and Angry Analyzer can plot graphs from that csv file

Spikes Game

I was getting bore 1 day and thought to make a old school game, kind of 2-d game design. You can play that game here, No logins, no installation. Just visit the URL and play the game.

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