Hi, My name is Hitesh. I mainly write code for web applictions and Mobile apps. I also teach people, “How to write code”. I am a Youtuber and sometimes I talk at events too. There is a About Me page for more details. Also you can watch my Video resume by clicking here.

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We recieve lovely comments from our customers every week. Here are just a few of our favourites over the last couple of months…

Micah Laizure
2 months ago

Thank you so much for this course. You are very good at explaining thoroughly the "why' you are doing what your doing. You never assume the student understands which is a great trait. Great job and I'm looking forward to your next course! I will gladly purchase!

Praveen Samuel
4 months ago

First of all I like to thank, Hitesh. This is an awesome course from scratch. It is the best course for beginners who like to start developing apps for iOS. The way he take the course is nice and I loved it. I had gone through his youtube channel and watched all his videos without bored even it is long, and I have seen some of the iOS app development channels like stanford iOS app development etc.... But I feel this is the right place to learn many keys and topics of iOS app development. This helps the beginners to become masters soon and this is my first paid course and never worthless. -- I Love iT, I Learn IT I Rate iT --and one more thing Hitesh gives you extra than what he says.

Krisztian kormos
4 months ago

Its really easy to understand so far and really rewarding to see my first app on my phone! Also if we had customer service like this our world would be a better place!

Flora Onkst
2 months ago

Offering sound, practical and realistic advice about prerequisites and additional software that will be needed. He is not promising miracles. Just a rational approach to developing simple applications using tried and true methods.

Alessio Anastasi
5 months ago

It's pretty simple. Clear, easy to understand, funny and fast at the same time. I purchased this course at just $10 and honestly man, now that i understand how much you have worked at this course I almost feel guilty! Nice work and thanks!

Keith Wilkinson
4 months ago

From you tube excerpts and the introductory information, I find Hitesh's videos informative, friendly and useful. It takes a great deal for me to part with money, particularly on the Internet - so well done Hitesh.

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