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Hi, My name is Hitesh. I mainly write code for web applictions and Mobile apps. I also teach people, “How to write code”. I am a Youtuber and sometimes I talk at events too. There is a About Me page for more details. Also you can watch my Video resume by clicking here.

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My YouTube Channel

I am big time fan of Youtube. For me, it’s the best social media platform. I do run a YOUTUBE channel and update it every week. There is a lot of technical things uploaded there.

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"Thank you so much for this course. You are very good at explaining thoroughly the "why" you are doing what your doing. You never assume the student understands which is a great trait. Great job and i'm looking forward to your next course! I will gladly purchase!"

Micah Laizure, Student from iOS class

What can I do for you


Web application Projects

If you need an awesome webiste or mobile app. You have landed on a perfect page. I take all kind of web development projects. It might be simple HTML, Bootstrap or complex ecommerce or python data analysis.

Invite me at Campus

Getting invitation from Universities is my favourite thing. I am always ready to visit and have a talk with students BUT due to busy life, I am only able to take few requests a year only!

Course design and onsite jobs

I have redesigned curriculum for various universities and institues in past. I would love to do it for your organization too. If your office is in a beautiful city, I would love to join in on a short term.


Frequently Asked Questions

I get a lot of question and many of which I try to reply as soon as possible. Still, I always finds out my mail box to be full. There are many such common questions that needs to be placed in public, so that you can get your answers quick and easy.

A lot of your questions are not covered and for that I do have an easy access email hitesh[at]hiteshchoudhary[dot]com that you can use. A great subject line in mail is always replied faster.

What kind of clients do you work with?

I take wide range of projects but should be technical. I work on app development, web development and information security domain. I also sometimes get hired to take workshops, bootcamps and seminars.

Would you like to come to our campus?

Visiting campus is always fun. I get to talk to students, their ideas and problems and this is my favourite thing. Before sending me invite, make sure that you understand that I DON”T charge fees to visit university. Also, you would be paying for my Air Travel and HOTEL stay. Due to busy life, notify me in 2 month advance.

Where can I learn from you?

Due to high demand of my training, I have moved mostly online. Now, I take seminar style classes and video trainings. I also do have offline Bootcamp training programs going on very often. If you are an organization or University interested in conducting one, then ping me at my email.

Excellent course, I enjoyed it . The instructor knows a lot and willing to explain everything so that you can better understand. I was able to follow him with no issues. I gained more in this course than in my actual class.

Thank you for this course!


Andre Njocke, Pentesting Bootcamp

Finished HTML and CSS. I had previous exposure to wot HTML and CSS and watching the videos and implementing the ideas prevented increased my fund of knowledge… I would give 10 STARS for the tricks he teaches for Brackets and the extensions recommended to download… Great course for a beginner………

Now on to Bootstrap……

Wali Gauvin, Front End web

First of all I like to thank , Hitesh. This is an awesome course from scratch. It is the best course for beginners who like to start developing apps for iOS. The way he take the course is nice and I loved it. I had gone through his youtube channel and watched all his videos without bored even it is long, and I have seen some of the iOS app development channels like stanford iOS app development etc…. But I feel this is the right place to learn many keys and topics of iOS app development. This helps the beginners to become masters soon and this is my first paid course and never worthless. — I Love iT , I Learn IT , I Rate iT — and one more thing Hitesh gives you extra than what he says.

Praveen Samuel, iOS 10

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