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Tech consultancy

Building a new product or startup, you can use my experience to have frictionless development. Stop worrying about tech stack, deployment, scalability.

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Launching new product, app or game? We can discuss about bringing your product to perfect spot light via youtube and instagram.

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Event Talks

From multiple Tedx talks to speaking in over 100+ conference, all over the globe, I can surely bring lot of attention to your next event.

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Give aways

I host a lot of give aways at my social accounts. You can surely join in to provide something to audience. (No extra fees)

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Tech Interviews

Tech interviews consumes a lot of team of your core development team. Don't worry and just out source them to me.

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Social Media live / Podcasts

Yes, I do appear in some social media live and podcasts but these are subject to availability. (Please reserve time in advance.)

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In a short time, I have been able to achieve excellence in various areas of development, video creation, photography and teaching.

  • Art of Teaching📌
  • Video Creation📌
  • Coding📌
  • Design📌
  • Branding📌
  • Marketing📌
  • Business📌
  • Tech Interviews📌

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