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Welcome to my home page ☕️

My Name is Hitesh Choudhary and I am a teacher by profession. I teach coding to various level of students, right from beginners to folks who are already writing great softwares. I have been teaching on for more than 10 years now and it is my passion to teach people coding. It's a great feeling when you teach someone and they get a job or build something on their own. Before you ask, all buttons on this website are inspired by Windows 7.
In past, I have worked with many companies and on various roles such as Cyber Security related roles, iOS developer, Tech consultant, Backend Developer, Content Creator, CTO and these days, I am at full time job as Senior Director at PW (Physics Wallah). I have done my fair share of startup too, my last Startup was LearnCodeOnline where we served 350,000+ user with various courses and best part was that we are able to offer these courses are pricing of 299-399 INR, crazy right 😱? But that chapter of life is over and I am no longer incharge of that platform.

I think we have already complicated the front end too much, so I am opting for a simpler solution for my home page and this is one of the fastest web page on the internet.

You are here for...

I think you are here to get to know me. Best way is to start with my work.