Please go through with FAQ and sample video.

Welcome to central info page for sponsors.

I get a lot of emails regarding sponsorships and promotions. 1 thing that I have realized that going back and forth with same questions is wastage of time for both parties. I have some moral values and personal preferences while taking sponsorships. So, please read this page before discussing anything further. Discussion about money comes after I agree about the product/app/event/etc

I understand that your product is of high quality and videos that I create are also of high quality, hence you are here. Making these videos takes skills, effort and time. So, no barter system please, I charge my fees upfront.

Here is a sample sponsor video

Sponsor segment at 8:50

I don't prefer to do dedicated videos for product. That fits great for mobile unboxing videos, not for my channel. With sponsorship you get direct slot/time in my videos. I don't do dedicated video as that does not give much value to audience. I prefer only integrated videos.

Here are some common FAQ

FAQ - #1
Do you work on affiliate/barter system

I charge my fees upfront. This is cost of producing high quality video. Such deals can be discussed on top of fees.

FAQ - #2
What kind of products you avoid ?

Last highest that I rejected was 8,000 USD deal for a fantasy game company, so this one is strict no. I also don't take Income Share Agreement companies. No offense.

FAQ - #3
Do we need to share product info?

Yes of course. Start by sending me some links of website or comapny details. If you cannot share details, I find that really odd. If there is an NDA here, mention that clearly in title of email.

FAQ - #4
Giveaway for your audience

If you want to give direct benefits to my audience, I would love that. In fact, I would cut down my fees to 50% for that. Please don't send course coupons in the name of giveaway, also no discount coupons.

FAQ - #5
What details you need from our side?

Apart from full payment, I will need product access, logo/video/text/website about the product and 2 weeks to create a video or crash course where your product fits. If after payment, I am not able to publish video in 2 weeks, I will refund 100% of your payment.

FAQ - #6
Will you show the video before public publish?

You will see the video with rest of audience. I don't put opinions in sponsored companies, it's a mention of product/company. Catching up over email consume time and delays the publishing of my videos. Watch the sample video on this page to get more idea.

FAQ - #7
Our client provide programming/tech courses

So do I. So, make sure you are aware of it. Also, if your client provides coding classes for kids or ISA, I am not interested.

FAQ - #8
Can we get your whatsApp number for faster communication?

Sorry but I don't like to disturb personal life with work. Email and instagram are fastest way to reach me.

FAQ - #9
Bulk video sponsor

If you are interested in sponsoring more than 1 video, in that case I can show you your segment (that will remain same in all videos) before publishing the video. Of course, such deals are at discounted pricing.

FAQ - #10

Yes, I make exceptions for products and services that I use. If such company approach me, it feels great and I am ready to work with such company. But there is no exception in mention of sponsored video as sponsored.

Got that all, what's next

Great, I expect next email to contain product/company details. I will share my fees (that varies, based on product). If you agree, I will send you a payment link. Once done, I can start working on next video.


All stats that you need are public on my youtube channel. I get most of my traffic from India and USA. Creating a video is in my hand. How many people watch it is not. This is a programming/tech channel, we don't get million views on every unboxing.

Write me up an email at hitesh[@]

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A big note
this email is dedicated to sponsors only. Rest all emails are ignored here. If you have tech issues in any of our product or company, please use their ticket system or email. ❤️